Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Installed Webroot Secure Anywhere today

Today, I did install Webroot Secure Anywhere (v8.0.1.44).  It downloaded an executable in the usual way from Firefox (save an exe file, get permission from Windows 7) and installed fast.  It ran a scan for rootkits and malware that took about 8 minutes, no problems.
The McAfee Security Scan Plus says that the Webroot Internet Security Essentials is turned off.  But that should be normal, if Secure Anywhere is running.  I don’t know why the free McAfee product doesn’t recognize the new Webroot.  Windows 7, however, is not warning me about a need to turn on security (it will).
After the install, I also got some javascript object errors that went away when I closed all browsers and closed Microsoft Word.  The computer seemed slower than usual when restarting any object (even Windows Explorer) until using it at least once. 
The install gave me two different produce registration codes.  It flashed one, and then gave me a different code (in the last few characters) to save on the clipboard and in my own records. 
I’m not sure if Webroot is running its own Firewall on top of Windows 7 Firewall.  It is allowing all “normal” browser Internet traffic.  I tried Weather Channel, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, major news (MSN).

Update: Dec. 29

I do see the Firewall in the control panel now. It looks as though the earlier problem of overblocking is fixed.  Webroot also provides a "locked desktop" Windows "notification icon" (at the bottom) whenever you use https or go to sleep.  That may prevent others from logging on to your machine, in person or even remotely (a problem recently discussed elsewhere).

Also, McAfee Security Scan Plus now returns a green status and recognizes all Webroot components. 


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