Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kaspersky renewal through Best Buy hits a glitch (for me, today)

Today, on a small travel Toshiba computer with Windows 7 Starter and Kaspersky Security, the product would not renew and activate despite my paying the credit card renewal (about $40 a year) twice.  The red “Fix it now” button kept leading me to a Best Buy application which would not close. Finally, I took it to a Best Buy store and the Geek Squad found a hidden link to give the user the opportunity to paste in a new product code.  I don’t know why the web application didn’t do this automatically.

Also, early on Dec. 29, one Picasa image (on my Dec. 28 posting of my Issues Blog) came back as a blank area with an arrow.  The problem went away when I deleted the html code linking to the picture and re-uploaded it. A quick search shows that sometimes Kaspersky and Webroot (it happened on two machines) reject the scripting around Blogger images as possibly malware, a "false positive".  In my case, so far, it has happened only with the first image uploaded under Google Chrome (when Firefox was having trouble connecting to Blogger); all subsequent images worked (so far), and the first one worked when re-uploaded.  

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