Thursday, January 12, 2012

Adobe Reader update fails this morning - related to AV?

Today, a security update to Adobe Acrobat reader failed due to lack of “permissions” on my Windows 7 Professional XPS machine, where I just use a generic user.  This is the only machine with Webroot Secure Anywhere.   The older version of Reader still works normally on this machine.

On a Windows 7 Starter Notebook (Toshiba) yesterday, a similar update succeeded (Kaspersky).  Oddly, when a PDF was read with the updated Adobe, a few lines of text were distorted until the cache was filled, then it looked OK.

A similar update on an older XP machine worked, absolutely normally (also under Kaspersky).
Adobe has been criticized for adding capabilities of questionable value to the Reader, increasing the opportunity for exploits. 

Saturday, I found that I've lost the ability to print from Adobe on this machine because of the aborted update -- I get a memory access error.  So I'll have to get this figured out.

Update (Jan 16): It's looking as though Adobe won't update now on a home machine with only an unprotected default user of "Owner" in Windows 7.  It looks like a pw-protected Administrator has to be set up.  Maybe that helps explain why the legacy Webroot firewall suddenly started blocking everything last year.  Will look some more.  Adobe's explanation is here

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