Sunday, January 08, 2012

Comcast XFINITY offer "Constant Guard", with some controversy

Telecommunications providers are offering their own security services. At least, Comcast XFINITY offers “Constant Guard”, link (web url) here. Notice the specific reference to “bot assistance”.

But many computer owners already have contracts with “regular” providers, often set up when they purchase their computers, such as form BestBuy (which in recent years has promoted Webroot and Kaspersky, instead of McAfee and Norton).
But one source (Digital QA) also notes that Xfinity often provides Norton, and advises against adding Constant Guard, link here  The reviewer talks about the possibility of “re-imaging his machine” and of some sites not working properly (confusing alphakeys with numeric).  I have never heard of this with a security protection suite.
PC Mag explains the relationship between Constant Guard and Norton (web url) as follows. Norton provides conventional notification of problems; Constant Guard has the customer working directly with Comcast.   It would appear that Constant Guard places a focus on problems that consumer network resources (such as botnets).

Some banks offer online customers anti-virus products “free”, such as McAfee from Bank of America (link). The problem is that it might conflict with other products already purchased from the PC vendor. 

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