Friday, January 06, 2012

Court computer infection gets defendant new trial; does Webroot Secure Anywhere do a registry fix?

Here’s an interesting story tweeted by Webroot, from itword: a defendant in Miami FL got a new trial because the court reporting machine got infected, and the court reporter didn’t make proper paper machine backups,  meaning the state can’t prove the trial was fair, link here. One wonders why the Court system didn’t have a better automated cloud-based or off-site backup of the reports.

A follow-up on the Webroot Secure Anywhere. I’ve noticed that Windows 7 bootup is much faster (and initial Internet connection is usually faster).  I don’t know if Secure Anywhere does a registry cleanup.  I haven’t had a Windows Update that requires configuration since Dec. 16, and the Webroot update occurred Dec. 27.  I noticed the faster boot-ups the next day. 

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