Friday, January 20, 2012

Kaspersky again complains about Facebook plugins in XP only; spammers trying to leverage Assange-mania

Once again, Kaspersky, on an older XP machine, gives me “access to requested object is forbidden” and a warning about spyware associated with this plug in on a few sites, such as DC examiner:

The warning looks like this:

I don’t get this in Windows 7 on another machine with Kaspersky. Webroot also did not give this problem.
Also, when I try to review the “Report”, Kaspersky stopped responding, and the machine had to be restarted.

I presume that most companies now have Facebook plugins and they should not be a problem.  I didn’t try logging on to this different Machine; I always use Facebook from a different computer.

One other little “current event”: Last night, I got an email saying, “Classified information, please open attachment”.  Yes, that sounds like obvious spam, trying to load a trojan in an attachment with social engineering based on anti-government sentiment.  But what if someone really is trying to lack classified information this way?  I’m not sure what the law is, on “possessing” classified information you know was offered to you “illegally”. 

Update:  Now Kaspersky on this older computer is not updating properly.

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