Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A mishap on "My Computer": Facebook v. HRBlock

I have a bone to pick with Facebook and/or HR Block.

Last week, I entered a preliminary 2011 tax return into HR Block's site.  I forgot which browser I had used on my main computer.  I had thought it was I.E.

Today, I had to update it.  I went in to IE, and I was immediately directed to Facebook.  True, I'm usually logged in to Facebook on IE only.  I don't want my taxes and personal finance accessible from Facebook (or Blogger, or Google Products, or anything else) so I disabled it, and then it appeared that my HR Block data had been wiped out.

I tried using Google Chrome (which, note, I recently had to re-install), and the stored tax data (for many years) came back, with no intervention from Facebook (because I'm not normally logged on to it through Chrome).

But this shouldn't happen. 

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