Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WOT has new service; "Reputation.com" gives "interesting" results from a search on Mozilla; needs explanation

WOT apparently has a service called “Stop the Hacker” that can tell you if your site is blacklisted. Here’s the basic link.  I’m not sure yet how valuable this service is, but it showed up on a MyWOT report. 

"Reputation cleanup" mentioned on Anderson Cooper’s show yesterday (unfavorably).  I couldn't find a site by that name, but I did check "reputation.com", the best known of such sites. It has an excellent  score from WOT  (report).
If I go to Mozilla (a new release) and then to Google and search for “reputation.com”, I get a link to “idifpro.com” which gets a red circle (poor reputation) from MyWOT, but a couple items down is the real “reputation.com” which gets the green circle and perfect score (above).

Can someone explain this?

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