Saturday, April 21, 2012

FBI working group warns users about DNS Changer, could lose Internet connection July 9 when temporary "pontoon bridge" goes down

The FBI and other law enforcement are reminding home and business computer users that they could lose Internet access on infected computers July 9, 2012, if infected with the DNS Changer.   Most infections would have occurred through spam and phishing attacks. 

The working group “DCWG” has instructions here. Users can test their computers for infection and there are products that remove the virus.   The malware redirects web requests to servers owned by hackers to resolve web addresses. 

The Rove working  group has been operating replacement DNS servers which will stop on July 9.

The most complete explanation of this problem that I could find is by Ben Grubb at an Australian site, here.    

The Associated Press has a detailed story by Lolita C. Baldor, link

DCWG offers this link on malware.

See earlier stories on this problem Feb 23, 2012 and Nov. 9, 2011. 

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