Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Laptop manufacturers sometimes accidentally step on security with "promos"

A little word to the wise about Notebook laptops.  When using my Verizon New iPad as a hotspot, I tried to connect to it from the list of available Internet connections from Windows 7 (the notification icon).  Toshiba "threw up" one of its announcements in front of the Microsoft Network Options page (Home, work, or public) in such a way that the cursor set it to Home instead of Public, which was intended.  Later, I found all the saved pw's had gone away.   Eventually, W7 threw out another icon and gave me a chance to fix it, so it was OK in the end.  But here is the case where a respectable company (Toshiba) interferes with the proper security of a computer to try to sell you more stuff.  Not good at all. 

The next day, as I was on Blogger in Firefox and trying to upload photos, Toshiba took it upon itself to start Internet Explorer to show me its announcements, again a disruption.

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