Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Theater, bookstore, retail perks cards now used in phishing scams?

Recently, I received an email purporting to be from AMC Stubs, saying that my AMC Stuns perks card for AMC Theaters had expired, and that I had "zero days" to renew it.

Tonight, I went to an AMC theater (the Shirlington in Arlington VA), and the manager found my card active, with no evidence of impending expiration.  He did say that cards last for one year until renewal is necessary.

Is this another subject for phishing:  theater chain or bookstore, or retail chain (CVS, Rite-AID), maybe even Costco renewal?  Advice -- take the card in person to a store. 

As for Stubs, it sounds like the name of a movie.

Anderson Cooper did a show on scams and id theft today  (see TV blog).

Update: June 25

I got an email from Geek Squad to "renew" a tech support contract I had just signed a month ago.  Now I have to wonder if this could be spam and will have to contact them directly. 

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