Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Virus removal is becoming a much more nuanced professional service

Professional virus removal, by companies like Geek Squad, has become much more elaborate in the past three years or so.  Just running a virus scan or two doesn’t cut it.  Security experts now use a customized safe mode and special boot disks, to get at core viruses that may often get past many virus scans early in their lives.  That could mean virus cleanups take longer, and may make tech support packages (typically about $250 or so for two years for maybe three machines) worth it.  It’s easier with a laptop, since it’s easier to take it in.  Microsoft PC’s are still a bigger issue than Macs.

Here’s a Yahoo! answer
What may need more attention from legal commentators (as on CNN) is the issue of any computer owner liability if their machines are hijacked.   

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