Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hackers often drop out, become legitimate security employees when they marry or have kids

Here’s an area where Internet safety and “social capital” come together. Check out the recent Information Week article by Matthew J. Schwartz: “One Secret that Stops Hackers: Girlfriends”, link here
Does this have to be heterosexual?  You don’t hear much about gay hackers – except for Bradley Manning, and the lesbian character Lizbeth in the “Dragon Tattoo” movies (and almost in “Prometheus”).

People almost never enter hacking after age 25, even age 20.

And they are likely to drop out, or actually convert to constructive employment (like penetration testing, or even legitimate social media apps) once they have girlfriends, or particularly get married or have children.  As George Gilder and George Will have both written, “women tame men.”  (But not gay men.)

Webroot had tweeted this story earlier this week. 

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