Friday, July 27, 2012

Hardening of personal computers against environmental events is an Internet safety issue

I saw a commercial billboard in a Metro station recently for some HP notebooks apparently used by the military (as the picture showed a soldier).

The ad suggests that these notebooks (or netbooks) are hardened heavily against environmental risks, which would be expected for combat. 

Commercially, field workers (such as insurance claims adjusters, utility installers, home security specialists) often carry hardened laptop computers. 

The good question would be whether such hardening ought to be sold to ordinary consumers.  Could they protect, for example, against electromagnetic assaults?  Is this practical?

Part of the security of our information infrastructure does involve the ability of computing units to withstand extraordinary events.  So, indirectly, I see it as a genuine “internet safety” issue.

Another tip could be to consider making some data backups on optical rather than magnetic media. 

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