Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A little glitch today in 2-step verification

I ran into a little glitch with my cell phone and the Google 2-step verification tonight when signing on with a supplementary netbook.  The Motorola Droid cell phone shows all the texts and verification codes under any one Google phone number, and I entered the wrong one.  It did give me another chance.  The correct text was displayed last, without a date (meaning today) but with the correct EDT.

It would be easier if the Droid would show the most recent text last, but it didn't do that. Don't know why.

I still have the 8-digit backup codes, printed, "hidden away" (as in Josh Groban's song).  I was afraid I might have to use them when the 30 days on my main machine expired.  I haven't tried or installed the self-generation (Google Authenticator) application available on all newer phones (to generate codes even when cell service isn't available).  And cell phone service Saturday was hardly working, following the Derecho storm. But I did get SMS texts from Google OK.  I didn't run into the "sequence" problem until today. 

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