Monday, July 02, 2012

A note on Webutation scores

Here’s a little tip that I noticed in Webutation blog or website ratings on Firefox.  When a blog has a lower score, view the report and let it recalculate.  I had two blogs with a score of 70 recalculate and get 100’s.
My “issues” blog gets a score of 80 because of a low MyWOT score in some areas, including a 41 on Child Safety.  Yet, that particular blog discusses mostly public policy and never gets into areas considered inappropriate for children. On the other hand, the LGBT blog and movies blog were rated OK for children on MyWOT and these are much “riskier”.

It does seem that carrying advertising at all can lower a score. 

With respect to MyWOT and Webutation (and I see them only on Firefox, not on Internet Explorer , Chrome or Safari), I see individual scores for each blog.

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