Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Microsoft never sends updates as attachments (Webroot story)

Webroot is now sending out tweets advising customers of upcoming Microsoft security updates, and I indeed got one as I returned home from a trip last night. 
Microsoft also has warned customers that it never sends security updates as attachments.  In fact, I have not received emails advising of them; only simply the notification icon warning me that updates have been downloaded.  Updates will eventually install and force a restart if I don’t install them, so they can be disruptive, sometimes.  A typical update package takes about 15 minutes to install on a modern laptop.

Malicious software removal updates tend to take longer, as do “.NET” updates (necessitating by my use of Expression Web; I had about a month where an service pacl update to Expression Web had failed and the product would not load.) 

The Webroot story on Microsoft updates is here.

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