Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hackers associated with Muslim outrage or with Assange claim credit for outages really caused by ordinary server programming bugs ("unsafe code")

Media sources report a slowdown at the Bank of America website and possibly other financial institutions this week (particularly Tuesday September 18), because of alleged cyber attacks motivated by the amateurish anti-Muslim film supposedly made by private right-wing elements within the US.

Michael Endler has a story on Information Week here

I have my own checking at BofA and have noticed no problems this week.  I have noticed slowdowns before in the past, and one or two outages.

Info Week links to another story reporting that GoDaddy had a recent outage that it says was caused by “corrupt router data tables”, but hactivists claimed “credit” for the outage.

Companies could have outages because of ordinary internal bugs, and hackers might claim bragging rights when the problems are made public.

A few weeks ago,  on a normal weekday, I had a situation where I could not reach my own ISP through my Comcast Internet service, but could reach it through my Verizon hotspot.  Yet most other websites were working normally through Comcast.  The situation lasted about twelve hours. 

Update: Sept. 22

Later media reports suggest that Iran was involved in a DDOS attack against Bank of America, in retaliation for sanctions; the attack was not very "successful".  Ellen Nakashima has a story in the Washington Post here

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