Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Major hack of unique Apple ID's from FBI reported

Media outlets are reporting that hackers connected to Anonymous and Lulzsec claim to have obtained unique Apple ID’s (UDID's) of the iPhones and iPads of over 12 million users, from an IBI computer, and have published a link to the ID’s. of 1,000.001 users or customers.

Apple customers who use Cloud services heavily  (or who gave Apple a lot of personal information and who have heavily linked their online accounts) could theoretically be at further risk (maybe in the spirit of the “Wired” writer’s hack described here Aug. 17). 

So far no actual use of the data has been reported.  Will Apple have to offer free credit report monitoring to the million users affected?

It’s a little hard to believe that the data was so “easily” lifted from the FBI.

A typical news story by David Meyer is published by zDNet here

Again, the advice: keep some backups yourself, and check your online accounts frequently.

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