Thursday, October 11, 2012

EFF offers tips for travelers, particularly when crossing borders

Electronic Frontier Foundation has a detailed white paper, dated Dec. 2011,  on safety for your digital life (Internet accounts and physical data on your computers, both work and personal) when you travel, particularly across the border, link here

In some cases, international travelers could face delay, compromise of their data (if it is sensitive) or even damage if there are customs inspections of data as they cross borders.

EFF recommends that travelers consider carrying no data and retrieve data from the Cloud, if going to a country and location with good service.

The practical risk of misuse of much personal data, however, is often low, and many travelers may prefer to have backup copies of important files on their travel machines.

Users might consider using two-step verification and changing passwords on machines they will take with them.  But that strategy could backfire if a customs agent keeps the machine for a while.  I actually like the idea of handwritten sheets with critical information, as long as the traveler is very careful about what’s on his person.

I personally have not encountered any TSA-related problems yet with travel.  I have carried an iPad and small conventional laptop in a TSA-approved bag, along with accessories in a carry-on, without incident. 

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