Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Internet security companies discuss the "stolen accounts" business

Webroot is reporting (on its “Threat Blog”) on the increase in “do-it-yourself” (“DIY”) techniques that seem to encourage novice cybercriminals to try to enter the world of trafficking stolen Internet accounts (email, FTP, rootkits, shells).  There seems to be a “multi-level marketing” scheme which draws in novice cybercriminals, who are often deserted (as in legitimate MLM’s, the guy at the top makes most of the money and can often run). 

The latest post by Dancho Danchev is “A look inside a boutique cybercrime –friendly E shop”, in four parts, the last of which is here.  The link is here

Another party in the AMR (adaptive multi-rate audio) business writes about having hosting accounts “stolen” and then shut down, here on “Black Hat”, link

This seems to be related to the activity that Webroot is discussing in its Threat Blog. 

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