Thursday, October 18, 2012

Malware could impact implanted medical devices

Today, Webroot tweeted a story of a “proof of concept” experiment  (from Australia) where a hacker could manipulate a heart pacemaker and electrocute someone, link here. 

This has happened in the movies before (I think it happens in one of the Bond 007 films), but I’ve never heard of murder being committed this way before in real life.

Apparently the medical device can receive a wireless signal that an attacker could generate.

Does this possibility explain why many hospitals say they don't allow cell phones or wireless devices in patient rooms?  Is there really a risk of hacking through them?
This could raise airline security questions, too.

Although my own mother died at 97 of congestive heart failure in late 2010, the idea of a pacemaker never came up.

Also, today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting on increased DOS attacks on US Banks from Iranian hackers, p. A11, link here

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