Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reader posts a comprehensive resource for internet safety

A reader provided me with this resource on Internet safety, called “Internet Safety Tips: A  Comprehensive Resource”, link here

I’ll underline a few of the tips.  One is to log off sites before shutting off a computer. That’s especially true with public computers.  Another is to delete cookies before getting of public computers.  I don’t have much occasion to use them now, but there is a case for saying that hotels could really help travelers by providing much more “business center” capacity with much better security.  That’s particularly relevant if people go to hotels to stay connected after residential power losses due to storms like Sandy.

Another tip has to do with using the best encryption for a home wireless router.  We could see more cases in the future where the idea of legal liability for misuse by wardrivers is explored.

There are good tips about online reputation, which I’ve discussed extensively on my main (“BillBoushka”) blog.   One important tip is not to forward private emails.  On the other hand, Twitter encourages retweeting of posts, so on Twitter (as everywhere else) think about what you post and make sure you want the world to see it.  Don’t be overly confident about privacy settings or “concentric rings”.

Picture: look at what a customer found at a well-known restaurant recently in Arlington. 

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