Monday, November 26, 2012

McAfee Site Advisor displays different in browser than in reports; so does Webutation

Here’s another little oddity I’ve noticed about McAfee Site Advisor. 

Some of my blogs show up as untested (gray) on Site Advisor in search engine results and in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome when I go to the sites.  If I navigate to the McAfee report, it shows up as green (illustration).

Other blogs of mine (about half) display properly in browsers. In the past, all of them did.

Webutation (on Firefox) also behaves this way.  On a couple of blogs, it gives a low score (about 70) in the browser, but shows 90 or 100 if I go to the report.  Sometimes, but not always, going to the report results in recalculation for the browser display.

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