Thursday, November 22, 2012

NBC News covers password security

Tom Costello, on NBC Nightly News Wednesday Nov. 21, reports on password security, including another incident where hackers broken into her account to send 20000 emails around the world asking for money.

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The article says that people can learn enough from your social media accounts to put together password guesses.   The more you link accounts, the greater the risk.  And use “Argo-fake” answers to security questions that no one can guess and that are not on the Internet.

It is also a good idea not to rely on the cloud completely, but to make backups of data (including creative manuscripts and web pages)  and keep them in physically scattered locations (including a safe deposit box in a bank).  It’s may be a good idea to have hand copies of passwords and question answers not stored on the web (or even on your computer) anywhere.  It is also a good idea to check everything frequently.  That can be a problem for people who go out of the country or go to the hospital, for example.  For example, hospitals ought to allow patients who are well enough to purchase wireless service the way they pay for phone.  

There have been over one billion hack attempts this year, according to the report. 

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