Friday, December 21, 2012

Can a Microsoft W7 security update require a cold restart?

I got a single Microsoft update for Windows 7 this morning for KB2753874, regarding a vulnerability that would allow an attacker to gain control of a personal computer and execute commands on it (like log on to your bank accounts, or copy keystrokes), if you visited certain malicious websites or opened a document with “True Type” or “Open Type” font files, with explanation here

This would be one of the scariest possible attacks. 

The single update took longer than usual to install.  Then, on restart, the computer would not completely reboot, but stayed on a blue screen.  Upon prompting with the power button (on a Dell XPS from 2009, a computer that originally had Vista), it went to the account locked screen.  Upon one more prompt with the power button, it turned off properly. On cold restart, it booted up normally.  On a subsequent restart, it took slightly longer than usual and executed the startup menu in a different sequence than usual. 

I haven’t before experienced a Microsoft update need a cold restart to work properly.  The machine comes up and tells you it didn’t shut down normally the last time, but does restart as usual if you just press Enter once. 

I usually rarely get single updates like this (except for the Malicious Software Removal Tool).  Anyone else had this experience? 

(Yup, I've heard people say "Microslop".) 

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