Friday, December 07, 2012

Kennedy Center spelling and other sites; more on W7 hangs

I just noted an oddity this morning with a popular symphony orchestra site.  The correct spelling for the Kennedy Center in Washington DC is "".  Take out the hyphen, and you get to another site that appears to offer ways to buy tickets.  It gets a Green from McAfee Site Advisor, a 100 from Webutation (on Firefox), and "not enough data" from MYWOT.  If the site were not legitimately part of the Kennedy Center, it could also present a trademark infringement issue.

I still get hangs from Windows 7 in emebdded ads on a few sites (lately, CNN and some television stations) that start "realtime services".  The computer cursor wakes up when the service responds, which takes up to a minute, once since the last reboot.  Webroot and Trend Micro do not consider this undesirable behavior. (Haven't seen this on an older netbook with W7 and Kaspersky).

Here is another example of a popup or embed  from CNN today that made W7 pause:

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