Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Mac users warned about new trojans; McAfee marks some sites as yellow in search engines when it has no report

Webroot Community Forum  is warning users about a Mac Trojan associated falsely with the Dalai Lama, called “Gyalwarinpoche” and recommends not visiting it, at least on a Mac.  It installs itself in the user’s home directory under the name “Dockset” and does not show up in Finder.  It uses java. 

The Webroot link, tweeted today, is here.

The Webroot story gives reference to a Cnet story about Mac Flashback Malware.  It can pretend to be an installed for Adobe flash.  It grabs passwords and acts like a keylogger.  That story is here
In another matter, I encountered an anomaly with McAfee Site Advisor in a Windows 7 environment this morning. A site for “Public Participation Project”, called “” gave a yellow warning through McAfee in search engines, but when I looked at the McAfee report it was gray and said it hadn’t been tested yet.  I don’t get the inconsistency. There are more details on the “BillBoushka” blog today.

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