Saturday, December 29, 2012

Microsoft W7 security fix appears to require more than one account on a personal computer

There is more to say about this most recent security fix to Microsoft W7 in the logon logic (Dec. 21, 2012 posting).

Twice today, on cold boot of my Dell XPS laptop with Windows 7, after getting to the “Welcome” step with the spinning circle, the machine just put up a blank light blue screen, no dump.  If I pressed the power button, and then told the boot BW screen to proceed normally, the boot finished normally. Checking around online indicated that to get around this, put up another admin account in Safe Mode. 

I went ahead and did this, not bothering with Safe Mode (it works in regular), creating another admin account and a regular user, with passwords and hints.  I found that neither user got all the programs (like Chrome) unless you add them again.  And I couldn’t get the regular user to give update access to Word documents.  If I’m the “owner” of the machine, it’s still much easier to work that way.

I did find that I don’t get the hang on a cold start (at least the first test).  Well see tomorrow.  I think that the software is counting logons and suddenly requiring another account or it goes into a loop looking for one.  One site said that when this loop happens it stops after about 15 minutes and says “logon failed”.  I didn’t wait that long.
Microsoft still seems a bit sloppy with these updates.  They can interfere with getting work done (even on Saturday night – why am I not clubbing?) 

Sunday morning (as with Benjamin Britten): fix still seems to hold. 

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