Saturday, December 15, 2012

PC Magazine now rates Webroot Secure Anywhere in the top three

PC Magazine has listed Webroot Secure Anywhere as one of the three most effective anti-virus software products in detecting and blocking malware threats.  The other two products scoring highest are Norton and BitDefender.  The story, by Neil J. Rubenking, is here.  

Webroot switched to a cloud-based product about eighteen months ago, and that means that users don’t have to let time-consuming data signature updates run.  The article also points out that antivirus companies are now getting away from annual releases of their products.
I have Kaspersky and Trend Micro on two other netbooks, and the Kaspersky is always asking for a data file update. 

It have Symantec Norton on my MacBook.  

The most effective anti-virus software tends to move from company to company as years go by.  What was best three years ago isn't necessarily so now.  

At one time, Webroot (I believe it's based in Colorado) called its anti-virus engine "Spysweeper" (the label I still use on the blog for it), which is how it was known in the industry (like with Geek Squad) and used Sophos as its engine.  

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