Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scammers go to the gutter after tragedies with fake domains; more on Windows 7 stops

A word to the wise.  The media (especially Anderson Cooper, and Piers Morgan, who just tweeted an example) are reporting on a number of scams, domain names set up to help victims of the Newtown tragedy.  Similar scams exist also for Hurricane Sandy, but didn’t get much attention. (The Morgan tweet linked to a jewelry scam that, in Firefox, displays a "red circle" from MyWOT right on Twitter.) 

Here’s a typical news story, on NewsVine.  

There is a risk that scammers will create trademark-infringing domain names, deliberate misspellings (or different tld’s) to start fraudulent collection.

I really haven’t noticed that much phishing from either incident in my own inbox.

On another matter, a few of the conservative sites get really crazy with ads that hang Windows 7 for a minute or so, trying to load something like, “”.  Is “realtime” a Windows 7 service that needs to be in my Startup menu?  I actually allow pop-ups for “journalistic” reasons.  Webroot Secure Anywhere does not consider this to be malware.  The Washington Times and the Washington Examiner do a lot of this.  But then again, so does CNN and Major League Baseball.  

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