Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Facebook New Year's glitch exposes some personal greeting messages

There was a “minor” Facebook security glitch New Years Eve that allowed “outside men” (a term from my Army days in the late 60s) to see users’ New Years Eve messages.  The NBC News story is here

I did not get any of these, but all of my settings are public (or everyone).   I don’t post overly “personal” content (as to specific people in a purely  social context) on Facebook or Twitter.  I do this only through email (and that can be risky).  Nope – as for social media – “who dates who”  (gay or straight) is off limits for me.  I do see that others sometimes post about “relationships”.

A friend tweeted that he was “touched” by all these “Happy New Year” messages from corporations.
The UK Mail online has a link giving some personal pictures of Mark Zuckerberg (and wife and dog) supposedly exposed through an earlier security glitch.  Who owns the copyright on these photos?  Some of them are “cute”.   The link is here

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