Thursday, January 03, 2013

Microsoft patches older versions of IE from state-sponsored malware; Twitter goes "mobile" for some IE users

Microsoft has issued a fast fix for Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8, regarding how IE can access deleted objects, giving hackers an ability to plant “drive-by” malware on websites.  

Of particular concern is a malware element called Bifrose, which appears to be extremely sophisticated and outside the capability of most hackers.

There is a story by Jeremy Kirk for IDG on PC World, here

By the way, the PC World generates a survey, which can be exited, that Webroot noted as potentially harmful this morning.  So don’t do the survey.

Something else bizarre has happened.   Twitter switched back to its mobile version on my Internet explorer setting on my Dell XPS.  It says it does this for IE 6 and 7 (which are vulnerable).  But I’m supposed to have IE 9 already.  So I’m not sure what is happening.

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