Monday, February 25, 2013

Deleted Facebook profiles get restored by hackers, harming reputations

NBC Washington reported on an incident where a man who had deleted his Facebook profile in 2008 found that someone has replaced it and added materials suggesting he supported terrorism.
He was not able to get the profile removed again until he called the FBI.
He was afraid that the post would cost him his security clearance with a government contractor in the DC area.
He had removed his profile because of his security clearance in 2008, but I know of people with very high clearances who are able to keep their personal social media profiles as long as they don’t disclose what they do at work.
The only part of the story ("Pirating Your Profile") online at NBC4 is a report by Liz Crenshaw on Facebook’s reponse.  I could not find the original story.  The link is here.   Curiously NBC4 didn’t link to the original story.

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