Thursday, February 21, 2013

Large corporations are more open about their vulnerability to hackers; what about people?

The New York Times has a major story about large corporate hacking “victims” in the front page and Business Day sections, “Hacking victims edge into light: One silent companies now disclose attacks”, link here
The article gives a complete list of major companies (including newspapers like the NYT and service providers like Facebook and Twitter) who have been hacked.
A major source of hacking still seems to be authoritarian governments, especially China, attempting to reign in on dissidents and possibly harass family members of dissidents.
So far, customer data (or postings) do not seem to have been disturbed or compromised.
Celebrities don’t seem to be as valued now as “marks” as are companies and even government agencies.
Nevertheless, it would be a good idea for companies to install “2-step verification” as has Google.  Another question I have wondered is whether the iPhone could offer security advantages for customers using 2-step verification as opposed to other smart phones because of ties to Google; that question needs attention from smartphone app developers.  (See IT job market blog Sat. Fen .16 for more on this.)

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