Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Experts continue to advise caution with public WiFi networks

“Digital Matters” has an article on AOL today, “Why Public WiFi Hotspots are trouble spots for users, by Kent Lawson, link here.

Some of the dangers include “Evil Twins” (Argo-fake hotpsots), sniffers, ARP(Address-Resolution Spoofing) and “Sidejacking or Session hijacking”, which sound particularly malignant, where the attacker clones the user’s account.
The article does place a lot of faith in https, and recommends disabling file and print sharing features. 
The article appears on an AOL blog called “Lifestore” and not on Huffington.  
How safe is it really to use a “free” WiFi connection in a hotel.  I haven’t had any trouble, but I tend to prefer my secure Verizon  iPad hotspot if possible (it’s often faster than the hotel’s).  In high rise hotels in Manhattan I sometimes have trouble with the hotspot and use the hotel’s.   

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