Friday, March 29, 2013

NYTimes reports "destructive" attacks on financial institutions, although some may still be (just) DDOS; Amex targeted

The New York Times, in an alarming story in “Business Day” Good Friday by Nicole Perlroth and David E. Sanger, reports “Cyberattacks meant to destroy, not just disrupt”, link here
American Express customers were confronted with blank screens Thursday (or even a defaced site).  I just tried my own account and everything worked fine.

Wells Fargo was slow Wednesday afternoon, but was working by evening.  I had to use a terminal in the bank to look at my account Wednesday.

There is absolutely no evidence that customer accounts have been tampered with (although I admit that these days I check accounts very frequently).  Some of the attacks seem to be DDOS, so It’s hard to say they are “destructive”.   But apparently Amex was hacked.  
The NYTimes article suggests involvement by Iran and North Korea, although some of this could be due to more conventional hacking.   “Weaker” states will try to create the appearance of existential threats to a world that their leadership claims victimizes them.    

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