Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spamhaus fights off largest DDOS ever; Internet slows

The Huffington Post reports that Spamhaus has been fighting off the largest DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack ever in the history of (Al Gore’s) Internet, link here

Spamhaus hosts a recommended blacklist of IP addresses from which entities (like ISP’s) should not accept email.  It could be useful for companies  or even governments trying to prevent fraudulent use of their sites, too. 

The BBC has reported that one of the targets of the blacklist is Cyberbunker, which hosts “almost” anything (story by Dave Lee (website url) here).
The Spamhaus site was responsive today, link here. Note that the “.com” site seems to be a questionable clone, parts of which are blocked by McAfee. 
I have not noticed much more spam than usual on my email accounts.  Most of it is very obvious and transparent when it gets through spam filters.  Some of it seems to have spoofed Facebook friends as senders, and usually offers a link to a malicious site in the email body.  

Yesterday (Tuesday) the Wells Fargo site was very slow and unresponsive all afternoon, although employees denied any DDOS.  Terminals inside the banks did work.   Today the site works.

NBC News reported the attack this evening, with story here.  NBC reports users in some geographical areas may be affected, as may some sites, especially Netflix.  I just tried Netrflix (dinner time) and found it only slightly slower than normal.  

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