Monday, March 04, 2013

Underground rings sell mass access to compromised PC's

Dancho Danchev  (the name reminds me of Donnie Darko) is reporting, on the Werbroot threat blog, a growing underground “business” in selling access to supposedly infected hosts in various countries, with PC’s in the United States bringing in the most money because of the higher standard of living and more purchasing power. 
It’s hard to see how the lists could be reliable.  Computers that have been cleaned (by updated anti-malware products or preferably by using a different product such as what Geek Squads uses) would no longer work, nor would computers when turned off. 
Yet, this seems like a tremendous cash cow for some criminals – and one wonders why they can’t use their talents to make a legitimate living working in legitimate security operations.  Maybe this is an example of the “Red Widow” problem.
The Webroot  Threat Blog story is here
The video above demonstrates activity around the world for several major botnets for a particular day in June. 2012. 

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