Monday, April 22, 2013

Could computer-aided telepathy create security problems?

It may sound strange to discuss computer mediated telepathy on an Internet security blog, but the potential is there that someday, it could open new “opportunities” for hackers. 

Imagine changing the contents of a financial file in a bank just by “thinking” something.  Maybe it’s possible.  Maybe it would relate to the psychological makeup of the person.  Anxiety might actually intensity telepathy. 
I had wondered about this idea some years ago, after companies put production files behind typical access restrictions even for most programmers, and also started introducing change control to guarantee source-load-module integrity.
The military is looking at it right now as a way to guarantee that soldiers would obey orders in the filed.  Imagine this if a draft ever came back.  There is an article about it in the conservative-to-libertarian paper the Examiner, article by Suzanne Lebeouf, on DARPA and DIA’s work, link here

Wired had an article by Katie Drummond in 2009, link here

There’s a technical article on News Vine and Deep Thought, link here

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