Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Java still said to be risky for users despite many patches; bizarre restarts from Comcast, related to DDOS?

The Hacker News maintains that Java-enabled browsers are still very vulnerable, despite multiple patches from Oracle, with a brief story (website url) here.    Whar’s not so clear from the article is whether most of the exposure comes from the fact that most users don’t have the latest versions or patches.
Also, the article notes that java does not have to be unsafe.  It’s not clear what that means.  Is this a matter of applications avoiding “unsafe code”, an issue often taught with other languages like C#. 

The HNews also maintains that the Spamhaus DDOS last week nearby “broke the Internet” and was the largest ever.  In my own use, Wells Fargo was down for one afternoon, and I noticed several slowdowns on Comcast, with a need for a sudden modem restart.  One restart happened as McAfee Site Advisor blinked on an ordinarily green television station site, then suddenly the modem restarted itself.

Maybe these incidents are related to the DDOS.

The Oracle story was tweeted by Webroot recently.

Update: April 7

From 2002 to 2006, I had a website with a company called "javastarter" where I tried to play with putting things on a database.  I found that major ISP's even then didn't like to offer java because of security problems. (The mostly encourage php.)  This company was OK for a while but started becoming erratic and failed in the summer of 2006.

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