Thursday, May 23, 2013

Twitter to add two-step verification capability, to help visible users ward off hacks

Twitter is reportedly offering a two-step sign-in verification similar to Google’s.

The capability is motivated by the recent spate of hacking attacks on twitter feeds of highly visible entities.  

It does not appear to have as much flexibility as Google’s but requires a (cell) phone and email confirmation.
So far, the capability seems to be optional.

The Los Angeles Times has a story by Salvatore Rodriquez,here. 

But two-step verification will become a trend.  Financial institutions are likely to use it.  It will be important for web users to keep smartphones working  and maintain good connectivity in all locations (which still is a problem in some areas).  

One tip is to be sure you are getting texts before you sign on to a new computer.  You can send a text to your phone number from email.  (Presumably re-signs on trusted computers don't require verification until a password is changed.  That's how Google accounts work now.)  

Twitter also offers the ability to limit who can receive your tweets, and the ability to mark content as sensitive.  

It’s often common on for celebrities or professionals to have personal and professional accounts, and make only the professional accounts totally public.  

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