Friday, June 14, 2013

Most users have lax smart phone security, but what if you don't do anything "essential" on your phone?

Webroot is warning users to read a Yahoo! Finance story on web security, with the story here

I didn’t know that when a phone is “off” it isn’t quite off – it could still be hacked unless the battery or Sim card is out – and my Droid doesn’t allow this to be done easily.

And people don’t secure personal information on phones like they do on PC’s – especially for banking,  And people often don’t have remote GPS locates or password locks. 
However, I don’t do any banking or major transactions on my own phone.  I use social media very little.  I usually wait until I get home, or a hotel room.  When driving on trips, I usually have a laptop with me and can connect and use it in most restaurants.  I don’t really need to do all this on a mobile device. 

But yet I can see some people do.  What if forced to work or travel to more remote areas?
I rarely talk on mobile phones in public places where the phone could be lifted by a thief.  But I do surf, as for severe weather. 

I do think that 2-step verification can be undermined when the cell phone is used for the application you sign on to.  


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