Tuesday, June 25, 2013

InstallCore seems to generate some controversy, at least on Twitter

Why are we seeing some security packages describe InstallCore as a kind of malware, delivering unwanted targeting advertising in Windows environments.  For example, F-secure has a page on it here  element created in March 2012.
Webroot has been describing a fake InstallCore being promoted on Firefox, leading to “potentially unwanted applications”, link here.  

Here's a detailed posting on "Spyware" on how to remove it by Ugnius Kigoulis, link
But InstallCore describes itself as a commercial application distribution program, here

So what’s going on with this?  It sounds like it is normally legitimate for some businesses to use it, maybe not for home users.  

(Note: blog post url spelling starts with "t" instead of "i:: because of initial typo;  the keys on my wireless keyboard are wearing out!)

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