Sunday, June 02, 2013

Weather,com, YouTube display "Safe Monitor" ads, claim "2 people are spying on you"

On both and YouTube tonight, I saw popups (in Chrome) from a site called “Safe Monitor”, which claims “2 people are following you”, and then offered a monitoring sit, which invited me to download an app.  Of course, I did  not.  This happened on a Windows 8 machine.

On an older Windows 7 machine, I looked it up I Google.  McAfee and MyWOT did not have ratings on the Sife.  But Webroot Secure Anywhere blocked it, saying it is thought to hoist malicious content.

On the W8 machine, a Secure Anywhere Scan did not show any harm for merely clicking on the YouTube or ad. 

Also, on my older Dell Windows 7 machine today, I tried to make a comment on a WJLA (local television station) crime story, to another bigoted comment above it.  It started Disqus software which connected to Facebook which hung the machine.  I got it to “beep” out, and the comment took,. But Facebook kept going non-responsive.  Later, the entire machine hung again.  But this was during a heavy thunderstorm, when Internet had almost stopped, although there were no power hits (I have UPS anyway), and no apparent surges -- although I suppose they could happen without being noticed.   I hard rebooted it, past the Windows Safe Mode warning, and everything worked normally.  

Picture (mine): What it would feel like to wake up in "The Core".  

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