Thursday, July 18, 2013

Microsoft tools: Malicious software removal and Windows Defender: Even in Windows 8, are they redundant if you have third party security packages?

While I wait for a Dell XPS machine to come back from Geek Squad (and the repair is taking longer than lexpected -- a sign of a virus infection after all, I suspect), I thought I would note the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, which updates in Windows Update once a month, and can only remove "already present" infections, apparently.

CNET has a writeup for Microsoft here. Michael Horowitz has a blog entry for Computer World on "What you don't know about ..." the product here. It seems a bit redundant if you have a fully working third party program.

And then, there is something else, Windows Defender, an antispyware tool whose update seems to happen automatically almost daily and seems to take a while to install when noticeably packaged with other updates so that its install is watched.  In Windows 8, it is upgraded to an antivirus program.

Apparently the enhanced Windows Defender for Windows 8 caused some "conflict of interest" with third party vendors however, making its use (or decision not to use), trickier, as explained in PC World y Brad Chacos here.

Indiana University has an explanation here.

In Windows 7 environments, I usually get pestered to run Windows Defender, which seems redundant. 

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