Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fake AV will make escalating "offers you can't refuse", as if you owned a "Maria bar".

Some rogue antivirus vendors make “escalating” demands and “offers” to owners of infected personal computers, according to Tony Bradley in a column in his CSO Security and Risk page.   The link is (webite url) here.

Bradley compares it to a Mafia-controlled town, where organized crime requires families (particularly small business owners) to pay “protection” or extortion money after small acts of vandalism, which escalate. He calls this trick "The Offer You Can't Refuse".  
Microsoft Malicious Software Took can usually remove these products.  Microsoft provides a video of an example of a generic “Fake AV” product.

Such attacks are much less likely on pc’s with properly updated anti-virus software.
I used to find offers of fake AV software in spam blog comments until I started monitoring, and Blogger also started filtering them.  All such comments have been removed as far as I know 

Remember the "Mafia bars" of the 1970's?

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