Saturday, August 03, 2013

Spam based on AOL complicates a genuine billing problem after credit card theft

Found a “collection notice” from AOL for past dues on my “membership” today, in the US mail to my UPS mail box.  After I was robbed at a Metro station in March, apparently the cancelled credit card started to fail.

The problem is that I get constant spam purported to be from AOL that it doesn’t catch, so that I didn’t read legitimate email about this.  I also got a phone call a month ago on my landline (not given online) that purported to be from AOL and wanted personal information that I hung up on.  If it was about this bill, it was poorly handled. 

I called the 855 number back on the cell phone (I was waiting to go into a movie) and, on the second try, got a billing collection person who did fix the credit card.  She said she would mail a confirmation emai, but that hasn’t come yet!

See the problems that “faking it” with billing spam causes when there is a legitimate problem.  

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