Friday, August 16, 2013

Washington Post, other sites hacked by Syria, apparently through phishing and through ad network

A couple days after a quirky story in the Washington Post about Gillette and male body shaving, reporter Paul Farhi, with Hayley Tsukayama, report on a serious hack at the Washington Post by the Syrian Electronic Army, on the first page of the Style Section Friday in print, here
The hack apparently was abetted by phishing Post correspondents with emails spoofed to look like that had come from other Post associates.
The SEA claimed that CNN and Time had been similarly hacked. There are also reports that the hack occurred though Outbrain (link), an ad network. 

SEA has also hacked the AP, NPR, Al Jazeera, and Human Rights Watch.
  Update: Aug. 28

The Washington Post reports that Twitter and the New York Times were hacked in the past few days.  Details will be forthcoming on a future post.

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