Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Microsoft Action center warns on manufacturer startup items, like Toshiba flash cards; they use resources and might be emulated by malware

The Microsoft Windows 8 Action Center this morning warned me of three items that take more time in Startup and could reduce battery life, or possibly introduce security issues.  One was Logitech, my keyboard and mouse.  The other was  Tcrd Main, which is Toshiba’s own Flash Card app.  An advisory warns that is possible for Trojans to mimic legitimate Toshiba Satellite software, on this link
The Toshiba Flash Cards utility replaces the conventional Microsoft Hot keys. 
I am not a fan of manufacturer-supplied operating system enhancement, because it requires additional updating from the manufacturer, and could complicate Windows security updates.
Recently Toshiba did two major security updates of its own, including one to the video player, and they took longer than most Microsoft updates do.  

Webroot Secure Anywhere does not flag this tcrdmain.exe as suspicious.  

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